Terrorsaur - Golf Disc

$20.00 - $35.00
  • Terrorsaur - Golf Disc
  • Terrorsaur - Golf Disc

There is no greater fear than that of the unknown. Peer into the abyss of ancient media and learn short wave communication before the internet eats us all.

Foils stamp derived from a linoleum print, now on your favorite Innova disc!

Pro KC Roc: CLASSIC!!! This disc should be in everyone's bag. This mold has been around since people were throwing in short shorts, but it has earned a reputation as the very best mid available. The flat top will make this a little more stable, and a little less glidey, but it will beat into your new favorite disc after hitting a few trees.

R-Pro Pig: Get all your bacon jokes out of the way before you start throwing this incredible disc. This is the disc to reach for when you need to get your approach shot on target and on the ground. It's very stable, but you know that and you'll throw it nice and hard and then you'll watch the perfect finish with zero ground play. Throw it off the tee? Sure. Hit metal from 200 feet and in? Absolutely. Get ready to yell "Piggy Piggy" on your favorite course today!

Luster Champion Mystere: A driver for the rest of us! This absolute bomber works well when thrown by us mortals. Get some oomph into it and it will turn gracefully before a mild finish. Another 6 glide disc means it will go real far when you need to remind your card why you are winning the round.

Glow Champion Corvette: When it's time to get serious, it's time to get serious. The Corvette is a speed 14 disc. If you don't know what that means, please buy a different disc. If that massive number doesn't scare you, get one today and start driving (throwing) like an idiot! The 6 glide rating makes this mold go far, like really far, when thrown fast enough.

Pro KC Roc 175-177 or 178-180
R-Pro Pig 173-175
Luster Champion Mystere 165-169 or 170-172 or 173-175
Glow Champion Corvette 165-169 or 170-172 or 173-175